This project begun as many similar projects: my boyfriend gave me a mp3 player and mass storage device called "Chic mp10" with a USB proprietary protocol. Obviously the manufacturer didn't support linux. However we found the linux program Samsung Uproar Linux Utility (sulu) that worked with the Chic, but it was tought for a mp3 player, so it didn't allow some of device features, as transfering a file from the device to the PC, or uploading a file that the device recognized as not playable. Also thanks to Kasima work on the uproar protocol I found the protocol for the missing features and developed such driver.

End users

Compiling and installing

Gnudap user manual
Gnudap is a shell interface to the "Chic mp10"


Chic mp10 USB Transfer protocol

Libgnudap reference guide
Poor documentation (generated by ocamldoc) about the driver features

Plugins guide
Documentation about how to add a new device driver to libgnudap, when knowing its protocol

Forum/Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists for the discussions about gnudap:

gnudap-help: gnudap user support and discussion list

gnudap-devel: gnudap developer discussion list

You can also found discussions forums here

Notes about the supposed copyright protection of the official "Chic mp10" software